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The standard vinyl specified on the laboratory and healthcare range of seating manufactured by Technochair is from the Just Colour range from Chieftain Fabrics.

Just Colour vinyl and Coronavirus

Independent testing has verified that Just Colour fabric is effective at reducing the spread of MRSA, E.Coli and other similar bacteria and fungi.  More importantly for our customers during the current Coronavirus pandemic, tests have shown that the vinyl is effective in controlling the spread of the virus due to the antimicrobial elements within the vinyl.

Testing was carried out in accordance with ISO 18184 : 2019

For more information on the Antimicrobial properties in relation to COVID-19, watch the Just Colour Video - click below

                                                                    Just Colour and Coronavirus

The Just Colour range now offers a choice of 62 colours. Not only is the vinyl a robust sewing material, but is fire resistant to Crib-5, is REACH compliant, phthalate free, Antimicrobial Stain Resistant and wear resistant to 100,000+ Martindale test/rubs.


Expanded, flame retardant, plasticised PVC coating on a knitted cotton base cloth.


Total Weight: 705g/m2
Base Fabric Weight: 120g/m2
Coating Weight: 685g/m2
Thickness: 1.10mm
Bursting Strength: 800kN/m2


BS 5852 Ignition Source 5 (Tested in conjunction with a 35kg/m2 CMHR foam) – Crib 5

S.I. 1988 No. 1324 Schedule 4 and 5

CAA Spec 8
BS7176 – Medium Hazard
IMO Resolution A.652(16)

Crib 5 is the short name for the test known as BS5852 Ignition Source 5. 

Wooden Crib Structure made up of 5 layers.  Alcohol is added to a small piece of lint at the that bottom of the crib. This is then placed on the fabric and ignited within 2 minutes.  For a pass result to be recorded, all flaming should cease within 10 minutes.


Printwear: >3 (Grey Scale)
Martindale Abrasion: 100,000 + rubs
Roll Length: 25m (nominal)
Roll Width: 137cm (nominal)


Phthalates are a group of chemical compounds that can be used in the manufacture of PVC.  These chemicals release toxins that are harmful to the human body.  Just Colour vinyl is phthalate free.


Clean regularly with a damp soapy cloth and rinse well with clean water to retain appearance and durability. Difficult substances including ink, lipstick and food colouring must be removed immediately to avoid staining. A soft brush can be used for heavy or ingrained soiling. for infection control, the fabric can be cleaned with a solution of disinfectant specified by manufacturers. When using bleach, a 5% (50,000 PPM) solution is acceptable.